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Welcome to Module24 your partner for innovative power plant technology in the field of renewable energy. Founded in 2005 our company is now one of the most experienced players in the industry. We manage comprehensive energy projects right from development, financing and realisation through to even marketing the electricity power. Our range of services is aimed at investors, banks, operator companies and end users.

Our success is based on the reliability and scope of our services. Independent – and therefore completely neutral – we advise private and commercial investors, always keeping a watchful eye on their interests. Together with experienced partners, we develop investment models with attractive 

However, this is only one of our service building blocks. Another is the technical steering and support of our project partners as plant operator. Together with them, we put into practice ecologically worthwhile concepts. Further service building blocks include the maintenance of transformer oil as well as maintenance of medium-voltage systems.

The total sum of our complete offering loads us with great deal of responsibility. Not only from an ecological standpoint, because renewable energy belongs to the future, but also in economic terms, as we act to support the success of our customers – whether they are operator companies, investors or end-users who want to invest in „clean“ environmental technology in peace of mind.

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Increased Lifespan through Transformer Oil Services

Do you know the state of your transformers?

The reliability and performance of renewable energy power systems are largely dependent on the availability of their transformers. The transformer ensures that the electricity generated is fed into the electricity grid at the expected voltage. In order to fulfil these tasks it is important that the high quality of the transformer oil used is maintained. During operation, however, the transformer oil degrades. Contact with oxygen causes the oil to oxidise and increased temperatures accelerate this process. The formation of acidic ingredients or sludge finally leads to the dielectric and, in extreme cases, also the thermal properties deteriorating. The worst case scenario is the complete failure of the entire transformer.

Transformer oil:

– Replacement of transformer oil

– Regeneration of transformer oil 



– Waste oil recycling

– PCB waste oil disposal

– Transformer disposal


Emergency and Malfunction Management:

– Small repairs

– Large repairs

– Oil extraction and temporary storage

– Transformer replacement


Preventive Maintenance:

– Visual inspection

– Heat thermography

– Analysis of oil samples

– Oil collecting pans for transformers

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

Also the aspect of environmental friendliness and sustainability, increasingly stringent regulations and international standards, increased cost pressure and the desire to deal with assets responsibly also mean that stakeholders in the energy supply industry are considering all available options. The extension of transformer life and the economic management of transformer oil have become key factors in recent years. The treatment and reuse of used transformer oil is now regarded as a viable alternative to topping up with new, unused transformer oil. The EOS quality standards also allow used transformer oil to be treated in such a way that it meets the high requirements of IEC 60296:2012 for new, unused transformer oil. Regenerated transformer oil is therefore the ideal and sustainable solution for conserving valuable resources.

For further information please consult our web site EOS-24.de.


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