Module24 Consulting EN

We put quality before quantity

Our customers can be assured of the highest quality – and this across all our service areas. This applies equally to financial and technical consulting right through to implementation, commissioning and the final approval of a solar power plant. First and foremost our customers always receive high-quality systems and investors a guaranteed return. To this end we work together with experienced, professional contractors and banks which have proven themselves successfully in numerous projects at home and abroad. The following list is only a small excerpt from our comprehensive consulting area.



– Project profitability calculation 

– Independant local consultation for banks and solar funds with a high degree of specialist competance 

– Security through revenues guaranteed by law for the next 20 years (country-specific)

– Assistance with management and approval processes for solar power systems

– Facilitation of and assistance with financial advice to our partners

– Drafting of independent expert reports

– Negotiation of PPA electricity contracts at home and abroad